angina spuriaCardiac pain received the collective name of angina spuria. Cardiac pains arise because of the most different reasons. Many of them are connected with diseases of vessels through which blood and oxygen are delivered to various heart departments. In medical practice it is considered to be that such pains are potentially life-threatening states as they can be symptom of stenocardia, stroke, myocardial infarction and other serious diseases. On the other hand, quite often pain syndrome isn’t connected with defeats of coronary vessels in any way. In this case doctors say that at the patient the pure angina spuria which symptoms don’t bear threat for human life is observed but any of such manifestations should be eliminated as fast as possible. To achieve the best results in angina spuria treatment you may due to My Canadian Pharmacy preparations.

The Reasons of Angina Spuria

The reasons of this disorders may vary. We may observe the following reasons:

  • heart diseases, excepting vessels disorders;
  • inflammatory processes – pericarditis, myocarditis;
  • violations of exchange processes;
  • diseases of ribs and backbone;
  • hypertrophy of some cardiac departments;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • thorax injuries;
  • diseases of the digestive system.

my canadian pharmacySo, as you can see, angina spuria can arise because of most different reasons. It is important to understand that cardiac pain isn’t obligatory element of heavy complications, but self-medicating we don’t advise you. The optimum option is to address to the well-experienced cardiologist who will solve, why there appeared angina spuria, whether symptoms pose it threat for the patient and what exactly should be undertaken to get rid of unpleasant feelings. After been examined you may order necessary for treatment preparations via My Canadian Pharmacy.

Symptoms of Angina Spuria

Any kind of pain in the left part of breast is considered to be angina spuria, the exact diagnosis if there are no profound reasons isn’t established yet it is silly to suspect heart attack or stroke. We will talk about the most common causes and symptoms of pain syndromes. Quite often angina spuria is a sign of neurocirculator dystonia development. The disease is characterized by long pains, overfatigue, feeling of defective breath. Headaches and constant alarm feeling in the most insignificant occasions are also possible. Reception of nitroglycerine doesn’t relieve the patient of unpleasant feelings.

Pain in the left part of breast can be caused by osteochondrosis and hernia of intervertebral disk. Thus intensity of feelings doesn’t depend on the size of physical activities in any way, and amplifies only at certain provisions and the movements of hands or the heads. The most severe pains arise during sleep when the person reflex takes away hands for back or parts them in the parties. Certainly, such angina spuria isn’t connected with heart diseases in any way, and the orthopedist has to eliminate the reason of its emergence. The cervicobrachial syndrome leads to squeezing of subclavial veins and arteries. As result, the person feels pain in the left part of body when carrying weights in hands or at raising of hands up. Also at patients fall of body temperature, puffiness of brushes, lowering of arterial pressure are noted. You shouldn’t be frightened, after all it is again angina spuria which symptoms testify to pathological hypertrophy or existence of additional cervical edge.