headacheStatistically, at the address to doctors seven of each ten patients complain of headache. Actually people who are periodically suffering from such unpleasant feelings, are much more tan those who attend the doctor.

Many people, apart from headache the reason for serious fears, prefer to silence independently the next attack by medicines. Such behavior is extremely careless, especially if this symptom appears regularly and is followed by other signs of an indisposition. Constant headaches practically always testify to existence of the serious problems demanding experts intervention. My Canadian Pharmacy preparations help you to get rid off headache just make an order of the necessary preparations.

Temporal Headache

When determining the reasons of headache for one of the main diagnostic sings are to localize unpleasant feelings. Pain in temporal areas can be a consequence of:

  • violations of vessels tone. Pain is dull. It begins in temples, but can extend on other areas of the head, neck and upper back. Attacks happen suddenly at any time. Patients complain of weakness in extremities, fingers numbness, noise in ears, dizziness, smell and memory impairment, sleeplessness;
  • vegetative dysfunctions. Pain in temporal areas is followed by noise in ears, dizzinesses, faints;
  • increases of intra cranial pressure. Nausea, vomiting, sight violations are accompanying symptoms. The illness is very dangerous. In the absence of the qualified help there can be consciousness violation, spasm and other heavy complications;
  • arterial hypertension. If pain (especially at the elderly person) is connected with stress, change of meteoconditions, overfatigue, there is a probability that it is caused by high pressure. In such cases quite often there are heartache, short breathing, weakness, weight and noise in the head;
  • atherosclerosis. Persuasive headaches often arise against pathological narrowing of blood vessels of brain. Thus memory gradually weakens, the person tests constant fatigue, is unjustly irritated;
  • temporal arthritis which quite often turns out to be consequence of flu or acute respiratory viral infection. Temple pain is strong, pulsing. Intensity increases in the second half of day and at night, touching to skin of temples, conversation, chewing. Body temperature increase is characteristic;
  • migraines. The sharp, pulsing pain is often localized only on the one hand. It is followed sacred and sound fear, nausea, painful reaction to smells, drowsiness, irritability, depression or overexcitation. Attacks arise periodically and can proceed till some hours. In many cases hereditary predisposition to an illness is noted;
  • cluster pains. Unpleasant feelings begin with congestion of one ear, then there is a sharp, temple pain and in an eye which is followed by dacryagogue. Attacks arise repeatedly during the day, such state proceeds some weeks, and then completely disappears. The illness is usually shown during the spring and summer period;
  • neuralgia of trigeminal nerve. A chronic disease for which the strong, shooting pain extending on one party on cheek, lips, teeth, an ear, an eye is characteristic. The attack can be provoked by chewing, washing, toothbrushing and it is simple a touch to skin. Often it is followed by an unilateral spasm of face muscles. Besides, temporal headaches can arise at periods or in the climacteric period at women, at fatigue and overstrain, or to be a remote consequence of injuries of the head.

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