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Dr. Clyde Ishida
Dr. Clyde Ishida

A Message From Dr. Ishida

Clyde Ishida, DMD

Dr. Ishida is born in Kapaa, Kauai and graduated from Kapaa High School and continued to gain his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. He gained his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree at the Oregon Health Sciences University, and then went on with a General Practice Residency Program at St. Francis Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1976, Dr. Ishida came back to Kauai where he goes on developing a condition of the art dental practice in Kapaa over the last 35 years. He is closely working with headman of My Canadian Pharmacy who assists him to treat people.

Dr. Ishida’s search for perfection has saved him on the advanced of dentistry by visiting prolonging education classes to maintain awareness of a profession that is rapidly altering. He has attained almost 200 hours of prolonging education per year over the past ten years, and has primarily brought the focus on cosmetic- smile improvement, and complete mouth transformation dentistry. His strong suit in designing wonderful smiles has been improved from his training at the world known as Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies where he has graduated in the Advanced Aesthetic and Mastership Levels of smile design and Complete Mouth Reconstruction. Additionally, he is a Neuromuscular skilled dentist that can cure headache and neck pain that are commonly appearing as a result of jaw joint and bad bite problems.

Meet Our Staff

Our team is the best but one. They are kind-hearted, taking care for individuals who will supply you with concierge service in a well-examined and effective manner.

Irene is our Miss Aloha Business Administrator and Treatment Consultant. She has a earnest specialist, and working with people is her cup of tea. We are lucky she is a part of our team for over 30 years. She is born and raised on Kauai. When she is not visiting to patients, she takes pleasure from hula, gardening, baseball, walking, meeting new people, and spending time with her family.

Marie is our “Expertly Skilled and Effective” Clinical Coordinator and has 25 years of experience in the dental assisting profession. She studied at the College of the Redwoods where she graduated with an AA degree in Dental Assisting. She is born and brought up on Kauai. When she has spare time, she prefers reading, hiking, fishing, and gardening, especially orchids. Your comfort is her top priority.