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What Patients & Doctors Say About Us

V.V. writes:
“During years, I detested the condition of my teeth and took interest what could be done to enhance my smile. Then while looking through an in-flight magazine I read an article about cosmetic dentistry that corrected my interest. So when I reached home, I visited to my dentist and he transformed me to Dr. Clyde Ishida. From the moment I attended into Dr. Ishida’s office I felt comfortable and a member of their family. He did a complete and during examination and work out a treatment plan for me together with My Canadian Pharmacy. I was never put pressure to make up our mind. I resolved to have a Complete Mouth Makeover, and although the work was done great, I understood I had made the correct decision in attending to Dr. Ishida and having the process realized. Why? He had me assured I was comfortable, the pure and amazing office, modern equipment, the feeling of being member of their family, and the consistent fulfillment with assuring my new teeth were great and perfect and I was SATISFIED. Now that it’s completed I love my shining renewed smile and a healthier mouth too. Dr. Ishida is “The Best” and the procedure is worth every penny. I’d do it again if I had to”

Dr. Nate Booth

A.S. writes:
“I am very lucky and thankful you gave me a full mouth trasformation. I was afraid watching in the mirror and looking my chipped front teeth, disgusting black fillings, crooked teeth and always being interested what’s absconding under my gold crowns. Now, my teeth aren’t yellow anymore. I am thankful so much Dr. Ishida for reviving my smile! ”

B.Z. writes:
“Dr. Ishida, I honestly thank you for the Fantastic operation you have done for me in changing my previously bad smile into a bright beautiful one. I had designed for that for over 30 years. It was a delight working with you and your hearty, well-experienced staff. ”

G.H. writes:
“Wow! What a difference. Looks great and feels good too!”

A.F. writes:
“There are busy people waiting for years to ‘finally’ do something that they really wished to have realized a long time ago. I was that kind of person. I had many problems with my mouth. Broken and missing teeth really ashamed me. I learnt I had some major concerns swelling in my mouth and had problems with chewing foods as appropriate. I had a Complete Mouth Makeover applied with Dr. Ishida and it was a Life Changing trial for me. It was really wonderful for my self esteem and no longer feeling self-conscious about how they glance. Thank you very much Dr. Ishida and staff for your skills. I am truly delighted with the result of my new smile. I feel twenty years younger; have a healthier mouth, and a radiant beautiful new glance!”

E.T. writes:
“Thanks, Dr. Clyde for my Great Smile. I feel young again.”

P.O. writes:
“As an instructor, I was always self-aware of my smile while teaching my students. Now, I’m giving smiles all the time and no longer embarrassed. Should have done this a long time ago.”

J.F. writes:
“I hated my colourless, attrition, yellowing teeth. Thank you Dr. Ishida, I am delirious about my new young smile again.”


D.K. writes:
“Thank you for reviving me back the self esteem in my smile and assisted me to accomplish healthier oral hygiene habits.”

C.M. writes:
“Dr. Ishida has been my dentist for many years. He has done some major work for me that was thorough, excellent and pain free. I really appreciate his gentleness and sensitivity, and have always been able to put me at ease. I feel very confident and relaxed in his hands. He has a velvet touch”

G.H. writes:
“Dr. Ishida is a perfectionist and that is what creates him so peculiar. He adores and satisfies what he does and truly takes care about his patients. I would highly advise him and his well-trained team.”

B.K. writes:
“If you want to satisfy the great delight of life, like smiling, talking, and enjoying your favorite foods, then you have to visit Dr. Ishida. I had a smile transformation operated in professional way with Dr. Ishida and I feel great! He took the time to provide with all the details to me over a treatment discussion, and responded all of my questions and issues. I am so lucky with the outcomes and really satisfied my experience with his clinic. He and his staff are all so skilled, friendly, and trained and always is ready to please and make assured I was convenient. I admired that. Thank you for my amazing smile!”

J.P. writes:
“I’d like to Thank You and your employees for an wonderful trials. I have never had any dental clinic observe such gentleness, profundity and attention for their patients. I am thankful for you time to examine me. I was received so much care and with no hurry from anyone. That meant a lot to me. I will really advise your dental clinic to anyone searching to have not just wonderful teeth, but superb patient care.

J.K.T. writes:
Thank you Dr. Ishida, for coming my “dream” smile true. I estimated your perfect, trained, kind-hearted, and caring attantion and the interest you apply in taking the concern of presenting me a “smile” of a lifetime! I was completely striken with your most profound innovative equipment your pure, greetful, and modernstate-of-the-art technology and office and your helpful and gentle staff.

How lucky we are to have a dentist with such experience working here on Kauai!

Dentist Recommendations

Over the years we have cooperated with you to keep and reconstruct enormous amount of teeth and enhance the oral health of numerous patients. If it has been our advantage to be capable to operate with you and enhance the quality of life for so many people.

Any prosperity this practice has satisfied over the years is conditional to good referring dentists such as you, and is a exact reflexion of your high qualified work and sincerity. Often when we argue cases or situations in staff, we will refer to patients as “Layton patient”, and each of us knows exactly what that means – a good tooth, an informed patient, and a profound treatment plan. For you this is nothing innovative, but we wish to recall our high concern for, and our fidelity to you, you and your staff.

We feel truly lucky for our attitude with your clinic, and ongoing are in hock to you and calling on us. We are hopeful to maintain your good graces for years to visit us, and are desirable to assist with your patients in any possible way.

Thank you so much for all you’ve contributed to this practice